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Billy Jealousy Typhoon Tango Tea Tree Conditioner

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Wake up tired locks with an invigorating whirlwind of tea tree, peppermint, and rosemary essential oils. Billy Jealousy Typhoon Tango Conditioner uses the power of tea tree oil to cleanse and nourish the hair and scalp and add a refreshing tingle. Ginseng, peppermint, and rosemary work together to promote circulation and growth and prevent breakage, so hair appears full and thick. Coconut oil deeply nourishes and adds just enough luster and shine. This nourishing formula is great for treating dry hair’s toughest troubles.


+ Won’t clog hair follicles
+ Helps prevent dandruff
+ Soothes scalp itch and irritation
+ Prevents breakage and split ends


Light green cream with a minty tea tree scent.


+ Tea Tree Oil: Contains natural antimicrobial properties to cleanse, soothe irritation, reduce flakes, and nourish hair.
+ Ginseng Root Extract: Stimulates dermal cell production to strengthen hair, encourage new growth, and prevent breakage.
+ Peppermint oil: Improves circulation of blood and oxygen to the scalp for healthy hair growth.

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