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Billy Jealousy Monsoon Mist Tea Tree Shampoo

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Energize your senses with the refreshing tingle of tea tree, peppermint and rosemary essential oils. Billy Jealousy Monsoon Mist Tea Tre Shampoo helps wash away dirt and impurities, leaving hair clean and fresh. Tea tree oil effectively removes build-up from hair styling products and dead skin and can help to prevent dandruff and promote healthier growth. This refreshing formula relieves irritated and itchy scalp and leaves the hair and scalp feeling totally refreshed.


+ Unclogs hair follicles
+ Helps prevent dandruff
+ Soothes scalp itch and irritation
+ Promotes circulation & healthy growth


Clear green gel with a minty tea tree scent.


+ Tea Tree Oil: Contains natural ingredients to cleanse; helps unclog hair follicles, reduce flakes, and nourish roots.
+ Jojoba Seed Oil: Conditions and moisturizes hair to help prevent breakage and split ends.
+ Rosemary leaf extract: Stimulates follicles to promote circulation and healthy growth.

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